junho 13, 2013


AllFisio is growing.

Looking to serve you better, AllFisio now offers Osteopathy treatments. This is a big step for this project and to improve your life quality.

Osteopathy is a diagnostic approach very complete and passion, based on  the knowledge of anatomy, physiology and biomechanics of the body. Seeks to restore mobility, intervening in structural, cranio-sacral and visceral dysfunctions.

Here is an incomplete list of a number of diseases and symptoms which Osteopathy has a word to say:

- Pathology of the column (discus protrusions and herniations, whiplash, back pain / back pain / neck pain, Cercivobraquialgias, sciatic pain, scoliosis)

- Visceral dysfunctions (hiatal hernia, digestive problems, constipation, lung disease, circulatory disorders)

- Headache, Migraine, Vertigo, Dizziness

- Temporomandibular joint problems - "jaw joint"

- Shoulder Pain (tendinopathy, tendonitis and referred visceral pain)

- Sprains and other injuries

- Symptoms that can occur after an accident, a fall or tooth extraction

If after this post you still has some doubts please contact AllFisio.

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